Concerts 2015

The Westerly Band plays a number of concerts at various venues during the Spring and Summer months including:  Wilcox Park Garden Market Fair, Children's Concert, Wilcox Park Bandstand Concerts; Mystic River Park Summer Concert; Shelter Harbor Concert
flute section prepares for Garden Market Fair Concert
last minute directions for Garden Market Fair Concert
Beautiful Spring Day concert at Garden market Fair
Alison Patton  the conductor, announcing the musical selections
Garden Market Fair concert May 17, 2015
Alison Patton, conductor,  and Dana Paton, first trumpet
Wilcox band concert July 2015
Wilcox Park Concert Julyl22, 2015 preparing for concert
Alison Patton conducts Wilcox Band Concert  July 2015
Wilcox Band Concert inside the bandstand
Inside the bandstand Wilcox Park
inside the bandstand Wilcox Park Concert July 22 2015
Pakcing up after concert Wilcox Park
Shleter Harbor readying for concert
Alison Patton and the Westerly Band Shelter Harbor 2015
Westerly Band at Shelter Harbor 2015
Alison Patton announcing Shelter Harbor concert
Elaine Nelson at Shelter Harbor concert
Alison Patton conducts at Shelter Harbor
Shelter Harbor concert 2015
Shelter Harbor Concert 2015
Shelter Harbor 2015 sunsetting
Alison Patton tunes the band
Shelter Harbor 2015 beautiful breezy summer evening
Preparing for Shelter harbor concert
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