Children's Concert, Westerly Park 2014

Westerly Band concert at Gazebo in Wilcox Park June 8, 2014 --Theme for Children with special music: YMCA,  Scoobie Doo, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Frozen, Teddy Bear Picnic, March of the Wooden Soldiers, and many other favorites.
setting up for concert--readying the stuffed animals
Westerly Band members in Gazebo tuning up for concert
Setting up for concert
Preparing for concert
Band members ready for concert
Are you ready for a concert?
Alison Paton, Westerly Band Conductor
YMCA  (note
YMCA led by new
Parade of Wooden Soldiers--Jamie leading the children's parade
guest Conductor, Moriah, conducting the Westerly Band
Mama Bear greeting children in readiness -
Alison announcing presentation to Mama Bear
Mama Bear with baby bear
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